Newspapers Keep the World Educated & Aware

Newspapers are written publications that give us information and news about what’s going on around the world or our specific region. You’ll also find advertising and classified in some newspapers. There are a variety of different kinds of newspapers. Newspapers known as general-interest newspapers will usually have articles on business, political events, society, crime, art & entertainment, sports and classified ads. An editorial, which contains the editor’s opinion on certain topics, is usually found in most newspapers. Other highlights you may find are comics, advertising, advice columns, weather reports, critics of restaurants or movies, food section, and coupons.

Newspapers have been around for thousands of years, although not on the same newsprint format on paper that we know today. In ancient Rome, any government news or announcements were carved on metal or stone and hung in public areas for everyone to see. During the second and third centuries AD, China government news was handwritten on silk to be read by the officials. Beijing had their first privately-published newssheets in the late 1500s, a form of news that started on woodblock print and later switched to movable type printing.

The first newspaper in the world that was actually recognized as a newspaper was the Relation aller Fürnemmen und genedchwürdigen Historien, a paper started by Johann Carolus in 1605. Because of its resemblance to a book, many didn’t actually look at it as a newspaper, although it was one. A lot of changes have taken place regarding the appearance of the newspaper as well as it’s function. One of the major advancements in its technology when publishers were finally able to print on both sides of the paper. This not only was able to save them money on production and publication but it also enabled them to distribute it to a wider area.

There are different types of newspapers including daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, national newspapers, international newspapers, local newspapers and now online newspapers.

Daily newspapers are printed every day except for Sundays and national holidays. The daily newspapers are usually printed in the morning and are rather thin, saving the thick pages for the Sunday edition. This is when they get more into the advertising inserts, coupons and special sections. Weekly newspapers are usually smaller than daily newspapers including those that are printed two or three times a week.  Whereas local newspapers cover a small city or region, national newspapers cover an entire country.

The development of the online newspapers has hurt many major newspapers. Paid circulation is down in many countries, mostly from the lack of advertisements, which help pay for a lot of the cost for publishing newspapers.

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